1. General

(1) The North Lake Enduro (the "Event") is an event organized by Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH (the "Organizer"). 

(2) These rules govern the terms of participation of every participant in the Event ("Participants") and are binding on them. A precondition of participation is full acceptance of these rules. 

(3) The Organizer has complete discretion in respect of the Event and is entitled at any time to make decisions relating to the event, particularly to change the route, to extend or shorten to a reasonable extent the distance of the route for objective reasons (e.g. damage to roads) - even shortly before the route in question. 

(4) Instructions from Event staff and uniformed forces (police, fire service, THW - technical assistance organization) must be complied with immediately and in full. In the event of non-compliance the Organizer is entitled to penalize the Participant in question. "Event Staff" and those acting on behalf of the Organizer means all those persons identified as such (e.g. marshals). 

2. Eligibility - health

(1) At the SCOTT North Lake Enduro amateur and professional athletes are entitled to participate.

(2) Participants, who are starting in the Men Juniors category (year 1999-2000), will need a declaration of consent from their parental authority. 

(3) A precondition for participation by every Participant is the presence of a confirmation of participation (see general terms and conditions of the Event) as well as a signed original declaration of liability (sent out by e-mail approximately 2 weeks before the Event). 

(4) Persons banned by the FCI or other national associations are ineligible to participate. 

3. Equipment

(1) Riders must wear a full face helmet and a back protection at all times during the race and the official training. Helmets with a removable face protection are not allowed. Also mandatory are knee-pads, long finger gloves and long or short sleeves jersey.

(2) Non-Compliance leads to disqualification.

(3) It is highly recommended to bring your mobile phone with you so that communication in case of emergency is possible.

(4) Each participant shall ensure that his equipment (bicycle with accessories and other devices fitted, headgear, clothing et.) does not, by virtue of its quality, materials or design, constitute any danger to himself or to others. Equipment used must be meet applicable official quality and safety standards. 

4. Start

(1) Each rider stars individually.

(2) The starting interval is at least 30 seconds.

(3)  Riders arriving late to the start must follow the starter’s orders and join the course when instructed to do so.

(4) The race commission determines the starting time for each stage. If a rider missed his start he gets a penalty.

5. Important rules of conduct during the Event

(1) The Participants must follow the rules of the road of the Italian country every time.

(2) Any competitor receiving outside assistance from a non-racer will be disqualified. This includes using team staff/outside help to carry equipment around the course or perform repairs during the race.

(3) Participants must conduct themselves in a way that does not harm or endanger others or obstruct or disturb them more than is unavoidable in the circumstances.

(4) The disposal of food packaging, bottles or cups on the trail is strictly prohibited.

(5) Any defects must generally be repaired off track, so that others riders are not disturbed.

(6) Carrying along glas bottles during the race is prohibited.

(7) The rider may cross the finish line by foot, provided that he has his bicycle with him.

(8) If a rider exits the course for any reason, he must return to the course at the same point from which he exited.

(9) The participation at the official training is permitted if the riders completed the registration and collected the back number.

(10) Riders must display their handlebar numbers during training and during the race. The participation in the race without the start number is strictly prohibited.

6. Start number

(1) Every Participant is obliged to have his start number clearly visible on his bike (handlebars) throughout the entire Event. The advertising on the start number may not be covered or otherwise rendered unrecognizable. 

7. Timing

(1) Every Participant receives a transponder during accreditation at the start location, which records the individual time. He has to pay a deposit (50 Euro) for the transponder, which he’ll get back when handing over the transponder at the end. The Participant is responsible for ensuring that this transponder is affixed to his bike.

(2) The time is only recorded on the stages. All timed stages will be accumulated to a total time.

(3) Liaison stages are not timed, but there is a maximum time where each participant must arrive at the start of the next stage or the finish area.

8. Food and Drink

(1) Every Participant is responsible for his own food and drink. 

(2) The Organizer will provide appropriate food at the food stations, while supplies last. However the Organizer provides no guarantee as to the availability of food and drink. The feeding zone will be marked with signs.

(3) The Participants undertake not to leave behind any waste so as not to adversely affect the environment.

9. Standings

(1) The riders from the SCOTT North Lake Enduro are starting individually

(2) The riders will be classified in:

  • Men Juniors                    Year 1999 – 2000
  • Men                               Year 1998 – 1988
  • Men Master 30+              Year 1978 – 1987
  • Men Master 40+              Year 1968 – 1977
  • Men Master 50+              Year 1967 and older   
  • Women                           Year 2000 – 1988      
  • Women Master                 Year 1987 and older 

10. Prematurely ending the SCOTT North Lake Enduro

(1) If a participant determines the race prematurely he has to check out at the race commission office immediately. For participants, who have not checked out at the office, the organizers have to start a search operation. The participant will be charged for that.

11. Awards ceremony

(1) The awards ceremony takes place 30 minutes after the race.The first three riders in each category are asked to attend the award ceremony.

(2) There will be prize money and different material prizes for the winners. The money has to be collected with the ID right after the awards ceremony. A subsequent demand does not exist.

12. Course map

(1) The course map will be released with the start of the registration. The organizer provides the map to all competitors before the first training session begins. In addition the course will be clearly marked using a combination of arrows, gates and traditional course tape. If a rider exits the course for any reason, he must return to the course at the same point from which he exited.

(2) The course has to be completed in once. Leaving the course during timed or transfer stages is not allowed. Trails which are not part of the track cannot be used, besides in emergencies. Riders, who want to continue the race after receiving aid, can repeat the stage.

(3) Cutting the course to gain advantage leads to disqualification immediately. 

(4) The course must only be ridden by the riders during the events and official training periods. During official training periods marshal and medical covering will be present. All other persons must be kept clear of the course. 

13. Medical Service

(1) The organizer must set up an adequate medical service. 

(2) Riders that has provided first aid and / or where disturbed during their race-run through an accident, have to report this incident to the race director in the finish area. The race-commission will take this into account and may correct the times in a suitable way.

(3) In order to give the rescue team the chance to reach the injured rider, the timed stage may be interrupted or even taken out of the competition.

14. Jury and protest

(1) The Organizer shall create a jury ("Jury") for every Event. The Jury consists of four (3) members chosen at the Organizer's discretion (generally race manager, head of the organizing committee, head of timekeeping)

(2) Any decision concerning the race process, breaches of the rules or disqualification will be made from this Jury.

(2) The Jury decides on breaches of rules and protests notified to it (e.g. by marshals). "Protests" are breaches of the rules notified by Participants from other Teams or complaints by Participants against the actions (e.g. sanctions) of Event staff. Protests must be submitted no later than one (1) hour after the finish time in the race office and set out in writing, if necessary with reference to documentary evidence (e.g. witnesses) The fee for lodging a Protest is €50 and must be paid with the submission of the Protest. The Protest fee remains with the Organizer if the Protest is rejected, otherwise it is returned immediately.

15. Liability of the Organizer

(1) The liability of the Organizer is limited as follows: 

a. The liability of the Organizer for loss or damage resulting from fatal or personal injuries caused by negligent or deliberate breach of duty by the Organizer or a legally authorized representative or agent is not limited in terms of either its merits or the sum involved. 

b. For other loss or damage resulting from deliberate or grossly negligent breach of duty by the Organizer or a legally authorized representative or agent, the liability of the Organizer is likewise not limited in terms of either its merits or the sum involved. 

c. The Organizer is not liable for loss or damage resulting from negligent breach of duty by the Organizer or a legally authorized representative or agent unless the damages result from a breach of a material contractual duty. Liability for damages for breach of a material contractual duty is however limited to compensation for foreseeable, typical loss at the time the contract was entered into. "Material contractual duties" are those the fulfilment of which enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and compliance with which is regularly relied upon. 

(2) The Participant is therefore expressly notified that the Organizer and its legally authorized representatives and agents are not liable for loss or damage for which they are not responsible. This applies for example to loss or damage caused by improper conduct/riding errors by other riders or the fact that Participants are prevented from participating in full or in part due to statutory provisions and/or official orders. 

(3) This limitation of liability also applies expressly to lost or missing items, articles of clothing and items of equipment and damage to bikes occasioned during transportation. 

16. Liability of the Participant and indemnity 

(1) The Participant is once more expressly reminded that he or she is liable for damage to the Organizer or third parties (e.g. other riders) to an unlimited extent if the Participant is responsible for same, e.g. the Participant is charged with acting deliberately or negligently. The Organizer recommends that Participants obtain a policy of public liability insurance for events such as these.

(2) The Participant hereby undertakes to indemnify the Organizer and/or third parties engaged by the Organizer ("Indemnified Parties") in full in respect of all third party claims as soon as so requested and to pay the costs claimed as against the Indemnified Parties in respect of the loss or damage caused by the Participant and all costs incurred in this regard (including legal defence). 

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