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Yoga with Timo Pritzel

Yoga with Timo Pritzel

Biking and yoga - Timo Pritzel combines these two passions. In his two courses at the BIKE Festival, the German dirtbike legend will show you why these two sports complement each other so well. He explains his philosophy to the course participants on the yoga mat. Participation in the courses is free of charge, registration is not required.



Friday, 28.04.2023: 05.00 pm
Sunday, 30.04.2023: 10:00 am
Monday, 01.05.2023: 10:00 am

Meeting point:

Small stage at the lake


You don't need to bring anything

About Timo Pritzel

"After 15 years of extreme sports, at some point I had so many injuries and energy blockages that my body and soul gave me clear signs that it couldn't go on like this. In 2002 I started with yoga and tried out several yoga styles. I did my training with Ana Forrest. She made a deep impression on me and I knew that with her I would not "only" learn about yoga, but also about life and my personal development.
I am so grateful that the feelings of happiness I found in extreme situations on my bike I now find on my yoga mat! And it's so much fun for me to pass that on."

"I am more aware and listen more to my intuition. Can understand myself and my body more. I take more time out, pay attention to my breathing. And by being more flexible, my body can absorb injuries and falls better. "
- Timo Pritzel

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