General Info

City Eliminator

Thrilling contests and a great show for spectators in the city center of Riva del Garda.

In every round 4 bikers will compete in a KO-system on a city track filled with obstacles – the fastest 2 of each race qualify for the next round. Decisive in this race is the correct technique, enough pressure on the pedals and sprinting qualities.

Everyone can join who thinks he can master the obstacle course. The qualification runs start on Saturday the 28th of April 2018 at 3.30 pm. The grand final will be at 5.45 pm.



Just write an e-mail with your name and surname to if you want to participate in the City Eliminator. A late registration is also possible on site on Saturday the 28th of April 2018 between 12 and 2 pm.

Starting Fee:

15,00 €

Maximum Number of participants:

100 participants

Judging & Prices:

The Judging will be divided in two categories, namely women and men. Attractive price money will be paid out the best 3 riders of each category.

BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival