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Northlake Enduro

The 2022 Enduro track leads north-east of Arco in the direction of Doss del Clef. Our track builders will relaunched and change one or the other stage and make it even better wherever possible. More information about the stages will be published here in February.

These were the 4 stages in 2022:

Stage 1:           1,14 km I 0 Altitude metres I 227 depth metres

Stage 2:           1,58 km I 0 Altitude metres I 343 depth metres

Stage 3;           3,27 km I 0 Altitude metres I 645 depth metres

Stage 4:           0,79 km I 0 Altitude metres I 119 depth metres

Total distance: 6,78 Altitude metres I 0 Hm I 1.334 depth metres

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BIKE Festival