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The Enduro of recent years will become the new FUNduro in 2023! What will change? The focus will be more on riding fun, the race stress regulator will be lowered a little, the casualness regulator will be pushed up a little. The route with only three stages is closer to the festival and there are not so many metres in altitude to climb. But it remains an enduro event that requires a certain trail experience.

The route leads in the direction of Altissimo, on the eastern side of the lake high above Torbole, where not only the panorama is tongue-smacking, but also the trails leading down. A special highlight awaits you on the third stage, which we will not reveal at this point. Just so much - in terms of riding fun, we've gone one better, so everyone really gets their money's worth!

The FUNduro will be ridden without Training.

Track Infos

Transfer 1: Shuttle / STAGE 1: 0,75 km, 154 Tm
Transfer 2: 0,19 km, 13 Hm / STAGE 2: 1,48km 292 Tm
Transfer 3: 8,16km, 142 Hm / STAGE 3: 0,40 km, 102 Tm
Transfer finish: 2,10 km, 20 Hm

Info & Prices

The race starts on Friday, the 28th of April 2023 at 01:30pm. The start number distribution and late registration is open from 11:00 - 12:30.

Booking price:                                           39 Euro
Price for registration on site:                   49 Euro

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