FAHRTWIND® was founded in 1999 by some of the first bikers in Samerberg, Upper Bavaria. They have grown up in the bicycle racing sport, so they let the company grow through enthusiasm and professional competence to one of the leading German bike tour operators.

In addition to the small group sizes, the recipe for success of FAHRTWIND® lies above all in a very personal travel management by the competent team of 35 people. Your own high demands on the trips are put into practice on all tours in a dreamlike environment worldwide, so that an enormous experience value for the participants is created.

The prudent work is confirmed year after year by 70% of repeat bookings. The concept covers 4 different levels of performance and leads participants from the driving technique course over challenging transalps to the end of the world to New Zealand.

The experience of 30 million vertical meters in the last few years is reflected on every tour not only in the choice of an extraordinary route.

Our passion is to feel the wind!

As soon as you sit on your bike it starts: You feel it all over your skin, face and hair... it is refreshing - a feeling of freedom and speed, it's the wind you create by yourself... it's the wind!

At the BIKE Festival Garda Trentino FAHRTWIND® offers several guided tours: https://www.fahrtwind.de/de/bike-festival-garda-trentino

BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival