Reglement - Lake Bash

1. General

(1) The Gravel Lake Bash ("Event") is an event organized by Delius Klasing Verlags GmbH ("Organizer").

(2) These rules set down the conditions under which each competitor taking part in the Event ("Competitor") agrees to participate. A prerequisite for any participation in the Event is absolute acceptance of these rules.

(3) The Organiser has absolute control over the Event and is entitled at any time to make Event-relevant decisions, in particular, for objective reasons (e.g. damage to the road surface) - even shortly before the Event - to change the route and to extend or shorten the length of the route by an appropriate amount.

(4) Instructions issued by Event staff and civil safety officials (police, fire brigade, THW (Federal Agency for Technical Relief) must be followed immediately and without restrictions. In the event of non-compliance, the Organiser is entitled to impose penalties on the Competitor concerned. "Event Staff" (e.g. track marshals) will be identified as such by the Organiser and are authorised to issue instructions on behalf of the Organiser.

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