In the following, we have summarized frequently asked questions about the SCOTT BIKE Marathon. We will keep expanding these questions and publish all relevant information and answers here.

Which address can I enter into my navigation system to find the festival area?

Parco Lido 1
38066 Riva del Garda Trento

Where is the start and where the finish area regarding the marathon?

The start will be in the Viale Dante Alighieri - the starting line-up runs via the Viale Dante Alighieri.
The finish area is behind the Palazzo dei Congressi on the lawn.

Where is a parking lot?

There is an official parking lot at the Area Cattoi - this parking lot will be signposted on-site in Riva.

On which day is the marathon?

The marathon takes place on Saturday, October 16th 2021

When are the start times for the marathon?

The starting signal for the first starting block will be given at 07:30 am. The then following starting blocks will start each with an interval of about 5 minutes.

When and how can I register for the marathon?

The registration for the BIKE Marathon 2020 starts online in December via www.online-registration.de.

Furthermore, you can also still register on-site in Riva.

What happens if I am already registered and then unable to participate?

Our cancellation policy is defined under § 4 in our general terms and conditions.
Beyond that, there is also the possibility of a single substitution. The according terms and conditions can be found under § 2 (4) in our general terms and conditions.

Is there any “catering” before the start, along the marathon course and in the finish area?

Before the start, energetic drinks will be offered which can be filled into the sports bottles of the cyclists. Along the marathon course, there will be various “catering points”. Here, apart from energetic drinks, bars and gels, also fruits (bananas, apples, oranges, lemons), cakes, water and coca cola will be offered.

Can I freely choose the marathon course?

During the registration process, you have to choose one of the three Rondas - Ronda Piccola, Ronda Grande or Ronda Extrema.

Where can I download my certificate?

Soon after the event you will be able to download your certificate. By choosing “Review” -> “Results” from the menu on our homepage you will find your certificate.

Is there the possibility to have a shower or change my clothes on the festival area?

Yes, there will be showers and changing facilities. They will be signposted on-site in Riva.

How do I register my child for the Junior Trophy?

The registration also occurs (as for the marathon) via www.online-registration.de. Attention: Please do not compile an individual user account for your child. Instead, a parent or legal guardian has to be registered. With the help of this user account, then the registration for the Junior Trophy will take place. Beyond that, the registration for the Junior Trophy will also still be possible on-site in Riva.

From which age onwards (up to which age) can my child participate in the Junior Trophy?

Participation in the Junior Trophy is already possible for the age-group 2018 (& older). Simultaneously, participation is possible until and including the age-group 2007.

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