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Time for changes - the BIKE Marathon in Riva del Garda gets a new face. A lot is concentrated on the three completely new tracks. All three distances are packed with great trails and beautiful panoramas over Lake Garda, but have been reduced in length and altitude. What remains is a demanding BIKE Marathon for the start of the season, but one that can be driven by everyone.

For the first time, the track data will be made available to all participants as GPX files before the race and offered for download on the website. So everybody can get familiar with the track before the start and concentrate on the marathon.  


Ronda Extrema:            82.77 kilometers I 3,484 meters altitude difference

Ronda Grande:             59.56 kilometres I 2,406 metres altitude difference

Ronda Piccola:              30.67 kilometers I 1,065 meters altitude difference

The starting signal for the BIKE Marathon will be given on Saturday, 01.05.2021 at 7:30 am.


BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival