Route 2020

For the 2020 edition of the BIKE Marathon, all tracks were completely revised and renovated. The new courses offer absolute driving fun in a great scenery around the northern part of Lake Garda. 

For beginners and short distance specialists we recommend the Ronda Piccola with its 32 kilometres and 1,069 metres of altitude difference. Ambitious and advanced bikers choose the Ronda Extrema and tackle the 82 kilometres and 3,458 metres of altitude difference. The Ronda Grande offers a healthy mix (58.5 kilometres and 2,381 metres of altitude difference).

All marathon routes run on public roads, farm, forest and hiking trails and are well signposted from start to finish. In addition, the GPX data will be made available to participants for the first time before the race in 2020.

The route from the start is designed in such a way that delays at the entrance to the first trails are avoided and run smoothly. 

Start and finish from all distances are in Riva del Garda.

RoundDistanceAltitude differences
Ronda Piccola32 km1.069 hm
Ronda Grande58,5 km2.381 hm
Ronda Extrema82 km3.458 hm

Ronda Piccola - Small round

After starting in the heart of the old town of Riva del Garda, the first few kilometres will take you through the picturesque areas of Varone, Colonia and Gavazzo to Tenno. Then we take a dirt road to Ville del Monte, a medieval village in Canale. Via the "dei Bastiani" road, past Vedesè, you reach Monte Calino, the highest point of the Ronda Piccola at 1,037 metres above sea level. Passing the "Sella di Calino" we return to Vedesè on easy paths and over a beautiful single trail to Rancione. The breathtaking descent to Novino is along an old mule track. Via Volta di Nò the route leads via Varignano to the festival area back to the finish. A great performance has been achieved.

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Ronda Grande - Challenging round

The new Ronda Grande route offers all participants variety at 58.5 kilometres and 2,381 metres of altitude difference. The first part of the route follows the Ronda Piccola route. From the "Sella di Calino" junction, the Ronda Grande turns off onto a dirt road towards Vespana, along the Lomasona and reaches Prial. Now you should change to a low gear to master the demanding climb to S. Silvestro. The path continues towards Malga Vigo (1,079 metres above sea level), from where an archaeological area (S. Martino) is crossed and the participants enter the beautiful Valdori forest.

After crossing Pozza Bella and Gorghi, the route passes Prai da Gom, the highest point of the Ronda Grande at 1,135 metres above sea level. A four-kilometre descent to Dos del Clef follows. Afterwards it goes up again to the Bocca di Tovo on Monte Calino. The descent begins in the direction of Riva, on single trails to the town of Novino. From there the last part of the route leads back to the Ronda Piccola route and follows the same path to the finish line at the festival site. A great performance has been achieved.

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Ronda Extrema - Marathon round

The Ronda Extrema is the most demanding route in the BIKE Marathon and therefore the route for advanced and ambitious bikers. On 82 kilometres you have to master 3,458 metres of altitude difference. The Extrema leaves the Grande route at Malga Vigo and follows a dirt road to Cadregoni. From here a beautiful single trail goes downhill to Naone and uphill again to Duson.

The Senter de Mez connects Duson with the Malga Valbona, the highest point (1,433 metres above sea level) of the Ronda Extrema in the town of Prà dei Muci. By this time, half of the total distance has already been completed. Here the route goes past Pozza Bella, on the same route as the Ronda Grande. Continuing via Semont, the itinerary continues with a final climb to the church of S. Giovanni. From Coste it goes downhill to La Selva, past Dos del Clef and then on the same last section of the Ronda Grande to the finish at the Riva del Garda festival site. A great performance has been achieved.

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