Discover the Alto Garda Bike Arena

09.04.2018 - 16:14

The BIKE Festival in Riva del Garda is famous for the marathon event and the huge expo area. In addition, visitors can also benefit from the great Garda Trentino terrain which also offers some gravity fun.

The Bike Park Garda Trentino and its tracks Val del Diaol and the recently opened Ex-Seicentouno are worth a ride as they offer some spectacular and adrenaline-filled downhill action.

For the past two days, the AGBA crew (Alto Garda Bike Arena) has been taking care of those amazing tracks maintaining and fine-tuning them so downhill enthusiasts can enjoy them.

The Bike Park itself is unique as it not only has the wonderful Lake Garda as background but also as it isn't entered via lift but by an excellent shuttle service.

Above that, the well-known Naranch Trail makes it easier for beginners to get into the enduro feeling as it descends from Monte Creino to Maso Naranch before leading to Nago.

Eleonora Farina, the European downhill champion and a Garda Trentino ambassador, says: "The Bike Park Garda Trentino is amazing! The fast and spectacular Val del Diaol, the brand new and rocky Ex-Seicentouno, the breathtaking panorama and so on. It's a wonderful place to enjoy both, enduro and downhill. Here is where I started practising downhill and I still train and have fun with friends!"

BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival