Travelling safely – on two wheels in Garda Trentino

01.07.2020 - 15:04

Beaches and paths at high altitude, mountains and valleys, the precious natural and morphological elements that characterize Garda Trentino make it a destination in which to enjoy holidays in freedom. Our businesses, catering services, hotels and all the other activities have thought of absolutely everything to manage your holiday better.

A bike ride on the shores of Lake Garda Trentino is something which should be experienced at least once in a lifetime. In the open air, breathing deeply the truest happiness, that adrenaline sensation of freedom that only a bike experience can give. Alone or cheered by the company of other enthusiasts like you, the scenario that will open before your eyes will repay you for the "effort" of pedalling. Also for a bike holiday we have worked to ensure a wonderful experience for you to enjoy in total serenity.

Small tips to enjoy being outdoors in tranquillity:

Booking: Book your outdoor experience online or by phone:

Protect yourself: have a mask with your and hand sanitizer gel. Mantain the interpersonal distance and during breaks keep the distance, otherwise wear the mask. Avoid riding in the slipstream.

Equipment: All the rented equipment will be thoroughly sanitized before and after each use.

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