Two free WiFi connections at FSA BIKE Festival Garda Trentino

30.04.2019 - 14:42

At Bike Festival surfing online is free. Every year organizers, media representatives and visitors have access to a dedicated free connection service to quickly manage all work-related and leisure activities while being informed in real-time about what is happening during the great MTB event in Riva del Garda.

From today, the Wi-Fi connection is available in the whole fair area. Two connections are available:

The first one, BikeFestivalFreeWiFi, is for tourists and guests. To get connected you need to:

- Connect to "BikeFestivalFreeWiFi”: your device will try to access the connection;
- If it’s the first time you access the connection, click on the button “Sign up for free” and fill in the form with you data, then agree to the terms and conditions. You will be sent a password via SMS, whereas you can use your registration e-mail address as ID;
- If you're already registered, just enter your e-mail and password;
- If you’re already registered but you forgot your password, click on “Forgot your password?”. You will be asked to enter your registration e-mail address and then you will be sent a new password via SMS. To enter, you only need to refresh your connection and log in to "BikeFestivalFreeWiFi".

The second one, BikeFestivalExhibitors, is for exhibitors. To get connected you need to:

- Connect to "BikeFestivalExhibitors”;
- Your device will try to access the connection, log in with the ID and password given by the organization. If you don’t have the entry data yet, they are given at the exhibitor office (1st floor - Palacongressi).

BIKE Festival
BIKE Festival