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Garda Trentino

If you are looking for a holiday full of outdoor adventure and quality relaxation time on the beach... If you dream of spending a few quiet days exploring villages, castles, and landscapes that change every step along the way... If you love to explore new places by enjoying traditional cuisine, local produce, and a glass of bubbly, then this is the place for you.  

From the shores of Lake Garda to the peaks of the Brenta Dolomites, and from the brilliant blue Lake Ledro to the green vineyards of Valle dei Laghi: welcome to Garda Trentino.  

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A Top-Notch Holiday

Experience the outdoors like never before! Be it on a lake, rock face, or hiking trail high up in the sky. Dive into the waves of Lake Garda or the crystal-clear waters of Lake Ledro. Cycle through villages in Comano, valleys at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, or vineyards in the Valle dei Laghi. In Garda Trentino, every day is the perfect day to get your sporting fix.  

One region, many souls

There is so much more to see in the local area than Lake Garda. If the idea of exploring further afield appeals to you, Garda Trentino has a lot to offer! Hike up to Ledro Valley, where you will find an amazing blue lake, set between high peaks. Here, nature is abundant and there are plenty of trails, pathways, and beaches to explore.  

If, on the other hand, you love to explore fairy-tale villages, castles, and churches nestled in greenery, head to Tenno and then on to Comano. You will discover a valley rooted in the local land and its traditions, ready to be explored at a relaxed pace.  

You can even walk along the River Sarca up to the Valle dei Laghi. Get lost in green vineyards and visit one of the many wine cellars dotted throughout the valley. Sample local wines and let yourself be tempted by a glass of Nosiola accompanied by some local produce during aperitivo hour.  

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